Exmoor is an International Dark Sky Reserve (the first in Europe).  On clear nights from Court Farm you can see thousands of stars with the naked eye compared with just a couple of hundred in built up areas because of light pollution.  You can easily see planets, constellations and even the International Space Station when it passes overhead.

If you are an experienced astronomer with your own equipment we have a fenced flat area on the slope above the stables at the back of the house.  You can set up equipment here without disturbing anyone and leave it in situ if you wish for the duration of your stay.  There are other reccomended sites within easy reach of Court Farm.

If you are a beginner or somebody who would like to try the experience then we have astronomical binoculars we can lend, show you stargazing software on our phones/tablet and help you identify  things that are in the sky during your visit e.g. planets, constellations.

We look forward to sharing our amazing Dark Sky with you.  You can find out more about stargazing on Exmoor from the ENPA Stargazing Page

Also the annual Exmoor Dark Skies Festival takes place this year from the 22nd October to 7th November with a series of organised events.   Find out more about the events on the Exmoor National park website.